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Loire treasures at Twins Garden

On February 27th Twins Garden restaurant will host a wine dinner - the second in a row as a part of the wine dinner season.

This time unique wines of the Loire Valley, brought to the restaurant thanks to direct import will be served for the guests. Berezutskiy brothers are responsible for the gastronomic accompaniment of the evening.

The Loire Valley which is famous for its castles, can not only boast because it is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Its other treasure is the variety of wines. It is explained by the large extent of the region, where different reliefs, soils and climatic conditions replace each other.

On February 27th the guests of Twins Garden will be able to appreciate personally the best wines of Loire Valley. The format of the event will be intimate: the hall where will be held the dinner is for only 10 people. The gathering of the guests will start from 18:30, the dinner will begin at 19:00. The cost of participation per person is 14 000. The number of seats is limited, reservation is required.


Appetizer — Bouvet Ladubay Instinct Cuvée du Millénaire Saumur Brut, 2012

1. «Oysters».

La Grenouille Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie, Domaine de la Grenaudiere

2. «Celery»: baked celery roots with ricotta from the milk of Nubian goats and black truffle.

Blanc Fume de Pouilly, Didier Dagueneau

3. «Rapan»: salad with fried rapans and porcini mushrooms.

Breze, Domaine Guiberteau

4. «Eggplant»: fried eggplant in kvas with tomatoes and seaweed.

Sancerre Rouge «Sauvage», Pascal Jolivet

5. «Goatling»: baked goatling with marinated pepper and baked eggplant.

La Marginale, Domaine des Roches Neuves

6. «Diospyros»: baked yoghurt with diospyros and santi cream.

Clos du Bourg, Moelleux Premiere Trie, Domaine Huet, 2006

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