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Gastronomic fall at Twins Garden: seasonal menu update!

The menu of Twins Garden was updated with the coming of autumn: Berezutskiy brothers strictly adhere to the principe of seasonality, because it underlies the concept of the project. Fresh harvest from their own farm inspired chefs to create new dishes.

The focus is on the tasting set. It appeared thanks to the success of Twins Garden gastronomic sets, booked for a long time to come. Ivan and Sergey decided to create a new tasting set because they would like everybody to have an opportunity to get acquainted with the restaurant’s kitchen regardless of the bookings.

If gastronomic sets are available only by appointment, and they are served personally by the chefs at the chef’s table area, then the tasting set can be ordered any day from 18:00 and can be served at any table.

The perfectly organized «program» of the tasting set, composed of new products, allows you to «study» the project’s philosophy in practice, evaluate the possibilities of Twins Garden cuisine and get an unique gastronomic experience.

The tasting set accurately reflects the approach of Berezutskiy brothers to cooking, their careful attitude to products and pure tastes. At the same time, the cost of the set - 6500 - fully reflects the idea of the chefs that Twins Garden kitchen should be available to the guests.

In addition to the set, guests are offered two conceptual options for wine pairing. The accompaniment can be totally composed of the best Russian wines selected within the framework of Twins Russian Wine or from imported wines presented exclusively in Twins Garden restaurant.

A number of dishes from the tasting set appear in the main menu on their own. Who will refuse to try separately, for example, «Padron» peppers, stuffed with porcini mushrooms, mozzarella and chorizo (820) or try a «Crab Degustation» (1980), appreciating four types of crab and tomatoes?

Among the new new products that are not included to the set, there are also a lot of positiins that deserve attention. For example, pumpkin soup - an unconditional classic of the autumn genre - is prepared in Twins Garden with caviar of young sea urchin and quail egg (590), pumpkin cake with fennel cream and basil sauce (450). Stewed piglet is supplemented with parsnip, apples and prune sauce (810), autumn mushrooms from the Russian oven - with ptitim and green onion dressing (560)

You can try new dishes in Twins Garden.

 Tasting set:

  • Peppers «Padron» with porcini mushrooms;

  • Burrata with broccoli;

  • Morning vegetables;

  • Sterlet whitebait with physalis;

  • Potato selection;

  • Crab degustation;

  • Goatling with black garlic;

  • Honey with sea urchin;

  • Nubian goat milk with sea buckthorn;

  • Vegetable candies.

Cost — 6500

Autumn novelties:

  • «Stracciatella»: stracciatella cheese with yellow tomatoes, lemon and «Limoncello» candy (620);

  • «Burrata»: burrata with grilled broccoli, kiwi and pistachio (760);

  • «Celery»: baked celery root with ricotta made of the milk of Nubian goats with black truffle (670);

  • «Pumpkin soup»: pumpkin soup with sea urchin caviar and quail egg (590);

  • «Peppers „Padron“»: peppers, stuffed with porcini mushrooms, mozzarella and chorizo (820);

  • «Autumn mushrooms»: mushrooms from Russian oven with ptitim and green onion dressing (560);

  • «Vegetables and herbs from the farm»: baked vegetables and fresh herbs (680);

  • Whole «Kamchatka Crab»целый (100 g — 650);

  • «Crab Degustation»: 4 types of the crab and 4 types of tomato (1980);

  • «Kambala»: kambala with pumpkin and mushrooms (720);

  • «Beef»: beef tenderloin with potato mille-feuille and fried broccoli (1350);

  • «Sea buckthorn»: baked yoghurt with sea buckthorn and santi cream(450);

  • «Chocolate»: chocolate cake with cranberry and kvas sauce (450);

  • «Berries»: berries with white chocolate, meringue and raspberry sorbet (510);

  • «Pumpkin»: pumpkin cake with fennel cream and basil sauce (450);

  • Seasonal fruits and berries (100 g — 350).

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