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Twins Garden’s vegetable triumph

December 15 2020
In September 2020, Twins Garden was nominated for the prestigious award Best Vegetables Restaurant from We’ re Smart® Green Guide. The popular «green» Dutch guide is passionate about restaurants all over the world, which focus on fruit and vegetable dishes. The chosen ones are rated with peculiar stars — radishes. This year, for the first time in the history of the rating, a Russian restaurant received the highest score (5) and entered the list of 13 best vegetable restaurants in the world.

Confirming the status of the legislators of Russian gastronomic trends, Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy have launched a new vegetable tasting set in Twins Garden. Attention to the smallest details and a fundamental approach to vegetables, covering the product’s entire life cycle, became the basis of the new vegetable tasting set from Berezitskiy brothers. Trying to maximize the taste of products and its natural potential, the chefs go with it all the way from start to finish.

«It all starts with water, then seeds, seedlings follow, then vegetables in its usual form», — Berezutskiy brothers say, «The next stage is the preservation of the product and extension of its life: traditional Russian conservation and fermentation. The final stage is the purification of those products that were used in the tasting set: what is usually thrown away».

Vegetable wines, the line of which has also been seriously expanded, are important for the perception of the tasting set and the disclosure of the full gustatory potential of the products. The new tasting set includes 4 mushrooms wines, as well as herb, root and vegetable wines: from parsley and fennel to morels and parsnip. Vegetables on a plate accompanied by vegetables in a glass are a unique option of Twins Garden and fundamentally distinguish Berezutskiy brothers’ tasting set from other vegetable tasting sets of the world.

Continuing to reveal the basic concept of Twins Garden — a symbiosis of nature and science, Berezutskiy brothers, together with 3D BioPrintingSolution laboratory, created the world’s first squid, consisting only of plant ingredients and printed on a 3D bio-printer. Created using the most advanced technologies, seafood is almost indistinguishable in taste and texture from its natural counterpart and is an excellent source of alternative protein.

The previous Berezutskiy brothers’ vegetable tasting set was enthusiastically welcomed by gastronomic critics from all over the world, providing Twins Garden with a triumphant rise to 52 positions in The World 50 Best Restaurants and 19th place in the list of the best restaurants in the world. Vegetable wines impressed the spectators of the world’s leading congresses such as Identita Goloose, Madrid Fusion and Gastromasa. We are sure that the new tasting set will take a worthy place in the global standings.

The cost of the tasting set is 15 000 rubles. Pre-booking reserve is required.

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