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Twins Garden received three MICHELIN Stars: 2 MICHELIN Stars and 1 Green Star

October 20 2021
Twins Garden restaurant received the highest number of stars that a famous restaurant Guide has given to Moscow restaurants this year. The MICHELIN Stars Ceremony took place in Moscow for the first time, and only two Russian restaurants were awarded two stars.

Russia has become the 33rd country to publish a MICHELIN Guide, and Moscow is the first city to have restaurants marked with the MICHELIN Stars and other marks of this restaurant Guide. The Guide includes 69 Moscow restaurants, 9 of them received the long-awaited stars. And only 2 restaurants were granted with two MICHELIN Stars, Twins Garden is among them!

One Star indicates that the restaurant is worth a visit as it offers high quality food. Two are given to those where cuisine is so good that one could change the planned travel itinerary. And restaurants rewarded with three Stars are worth special visiting.